For teachers - ages 12-14 Geography: Student Activity Sheet 2: Comparison of an African Refugee Camp with your Home Town


Hartisheik Refugee Camp, in Eastern Ethiopia, is home to about 59,000 refugees from Somalia, most of whom have been living in the camp since 1988. In its magazine Refugees, (no. 105, 1996), UNHCR published a series of short articles on life as it is lived by the inhabitants of Hartisheik. As you read through the suggested articles, think about the similarities and differences between refugee life in Hartisheik and your life in your home town. Copy the table below into your notebook and fill in the information required.

Hartisheik Refugee Camp Your Home Town

"No place like home", pp. 12-13.

(List the house types and building materials)

Sources of daily food

"Feeding the hungry", pp. 16-17

Sources of drinking water

"Nary a drop to drink", pp. 22-23

Sources of energy for cooking

"Preventing and repairing the damage", p. 26

Education and school facilities

"Escape from ignorance", p. 21