Lesson plans for ages 12-14 in Art: Repatriation and Graphic Communication


Members of a Lebanese returnee family survey what is left of their living room.  © UNHCR/A.Branthwaite

LESSON 2: Picking up the pieces


Link to previous lesson: Ask the students to think again about the possible themes that they could incorporate into their drawings. In the light of the video watched the previous lesson, are there any other concepts they would like to have included in the pictures? (Possible responses could include: safety and security, the possibility to reclaim one's property.)

After discussion of what the drawings could include, students need to now consider how the drawings are to be presented

How many pictures form one sequence? Are the pictures presented linearly? in a circle? etc What is each picture supposed to represent?

Before the students commence their drawing assignment, ask them to consider what signs and symbols they would use in each of their pictures to convey the message of that picture.