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Resources for ages 9-11 in Language & Literature

Teaching Tools, 21 February 2007

© UNHCR/Zekaria Aken Deng
Painting by Zekaria Aken Deng, aged 15, Sudanese, Kakuma refugee camp.

The Party

in Sybella Wilkes, One day we had to run!, (London, Evans Brothers, 1994)

Once upon a time, the animals decided that they would live in one group and the birds would live in another group. So, one day, the animals decided to have a party. The Zebra was the watchman. All the animals came to the party to have a happy time. Then the Bat arrived and said, "Let me into the party, for I am an animal." But the Zebra said, "No! We are animals because we don't have wings." So the Bat left without going to the party. The next day, the birds decided to have a party. The Vulture was the watchman of the bird party. The Bat heard the party from a long way away and decided he would go. When he arrived at the party he said, "Let me into the party, for I am a bird." But the Vulture said, "No! We are birds because we don't have teeth; you are an animal because you have teeth." So the Bat had to leave without going to the party. The poor Bat was not an animal and not a bird, so he could never go to a party. I say: tell the children of the world, we don't want to be bats. We want to find our place, to be either an animal or a bird so that we can be happy.

By Abraham Marial Kiol, aged 14, Sudanese, Dinka Bor tribe.