UNHCR-NGO Toolkit for Practical Cooperation on Resettlement. Operational activities - Referrals and submissions for resettlement: Field Examples

a) Direct referrals from Mapendo International, Nairobi

Mapendo International makes direct resettlement referrals to both the United States and Australia from its office in Nairobi, Kenya. Following a sequence of identification, home visits and preliminary assessment procedures, those individuals and families identified as in need of additional protection and durable solutions assistance are referred to the Mapendo protection unit. Intake and a resettlement eligibility interview are conducted and if the necessary criteria are met, Mapendo protection staff undertake a full series of interviews resulting in the drafting of a referral for resettlement consideration, which is then forwarded to a resettlement country for their acceptance and onward processing.

In order to avoid duplication of services, Mapendo, UNHCR and other organizations working on resettlement (such as HIAS) cross-check cases under resettlement consideration by the respective organizations. This step of the process also ensures that each organization has the opportunity to gain additional case-specific information, including with relation to prior submission, refugee mandate status, potential fraud, and family composition. Each organization utilizes confidentiality waivers and other measures to address necessary privacy and confidentiality issues.

Collaboration among partners is a key element of this successful program successful. Mapendo accepts referrals for particularly vulnerable or urgent cases from NGO partners working in the urban area. Mapendo also collaborates with UNHCR and other refugee service agencies in a monthly Best Interest Determination panel, outreach activities, GBV working group, and other coordinating groups. Through this direct resettlement referral model, Mapendo International has found and referred for resettlement who would likely not otherwise have had access to this durable solution.