“The refugee issue is one of the most difficult challenges the international community is facing today. We must collectively tackle the constant threats that have forced so many people, including a large number of children, to flee. We have been providing refugees with emergency assistance, programs that promote self-reliance and donations of clothes for nearly 10 years. We will continue to supply refugees with the clothes they need and give them hope for better lives, in keeping with our never-ending desire for a sustainable and peaceful world.”

Tadashi Yanai, Chairman, President and CEO of Fast Retailing

At the end of 2015, UNIQLO and UNHCR announced a new agreement to support refugees worldwide with USD 10 million in funds over the next three years, starting from 2016. The funding will respond to emergencies and humanitarian crises, and support programs in Asia that help refugees to become self-reliant.

Through its All-Product Recycling Initiative, UNIQLO was able to donate over 12 million clothing items to UNHCR in more than 37 countries.

Key stats and figures

  • More than 12 million items of lightly used clothing donated to UNHCR across 37 countries.
  • From the beginning of the partnership: USD 13 million of financial support donated and pledged.

Malian refugees fight the cold

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If you are interested in exploring a partnership with UNHCR, please contact us at privatesectorpartnership@unhcr.org.