With displacement at a record high, UNHCR urges rethink of global humanitarian financing


Syria's Oldest Refugees

UNHCR's governing ExCom renews commitment to Africa's refugees

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UNHCR presents Nansen Refugee Award to courageous Colombian women

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Asylum claims from Syria, Iraq and other conflict zones rise in first half 2014


Video: UNHCR: An Appeal for Africa.

News Story: UN Refugee Chief warns against overlooking humanitarian crises in Africa.

News Story: Congolese refugee music-lover charts his way to success.

News Story: Franco-German project brings directors, artists, photographers and writers to refugee camps.

News Story: Capoeira brings leisure and peace-building for refugees in northern DR Congo.

Video: Ukraine: Displacement Trauma.

News Story: More than 10,000 people flee fresh attacks in Nigeria, seek shelter in Cameroon and Niger.

News Story: Statelessness: Hoping to acquire a nationality and put down roots.

UNHCR News App: UNHCR releases a News App in three languages for mobile devices.

Global Appeal 2014-2015: UNHCR's plans and funding requirements for its operations worldwide.

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Human Story

Telling the Human Story

Home Alone: South Sudan teenager leads her young siblings to safety in Uganda.

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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Helping a blind boy to focus on his dreams in Turkey.

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Setting the Agenda

Setting the Agenda

Global Forum on Statelessness: UNHCR's protection chief, Volker Türk, in a keynote speech, says ending statelessness is an imperative for the 21st Century.

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