Central African Republic

Six years on, Congolese refugees who fled LRA return home from CAR


Iraq hit by heatwaves, making life for refugees even tougher

FYR Macedonian woman dubbed 'Refugees' Angel' by those on the 'Balkan route'

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Jordan: Alaa's DAFI Scholarship

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Italian authorities confirm the deaths of 14 people on board a boat carrying hundreds of refugees


News Story: A fast-talking Imam takes on a new role as manager of an IDP camp in Iraq.

News Story: Meet the Syrian refugee mother who is helping displaced women in Turkey to rebuild their lives.

News Story: UNHCR-funded wind power project supports clean energy and reintegration in Bamyan.

News Story: In June 2009, gunmen shot dead his father, co-founder of the Picasso art school in Mogadishu.

News Story: Thousands displaced by floods in Malawi are rebuilding their lives thanks to UNHCR.

News Story: Syrian refugee in Lebanon decides to head to Turkey to risk flight to Europe.

News Story: More people flee to Mauritania to escape insecurity in northern Mali.

News Story: Breaking the fast away from home brings back memories.

News Story: Salman Khan lookalike fulfils dream in film epic mirroring real life.

News Story: Mediterranean crisis sees former Vietnamese boat person break long silence.

News Story: Malala warns of education funding threat for Syrian refugees.

News Story: Australian soccer star returns to Kakuma to launch powerful initiative.

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Human Story

Telling the Human Story

Diana is afflicted with cerebral palsy. Her mother and brother carried her across deserts and sea in search of treatment and safety in Europe.

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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

In Mauritania, a Congolese mother is helping refugees to reconnect by teaching IT, 17 years after her own displacement.

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Setting the Agenda

Setting the Agenda

Resettlement needs are over one million for the first time and consistently equate to eight per cent of the global refugee population. A newly published Refugee Resettlement Trends booklet looks at global resettlement trends over the last 10 years.

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