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Qatar Charity launches relief campaign for Syrians

Publisher: Gulf Times
Story date: 30/07/2013
Language: English

Qatar Charity (QC) has launched an international relief campaign which is expected to provide food, medicine and shelter to 10mn displaced and refugee Syrians.

The campaign, launched as part of the 'Syria...Pain and Hope' campaign under the slogan 'Wipe their tears with your Zakat and Sadaqah', will run for the last 10 days of the holy month.

The campaign is the first to facilitate international donations, offering people from outside Qatar the chance to donate, and includes a live broadcast on Ramadan 27 from 10pm-12pm on Al Jazeera Mubashir in co-operation with Al Jazeera News.

The programme will be broadcast simultaneously to a number of channels outside of Qatar including: Al-Risalah, Chamona, For Shabab, Na'lat, Qassim, Syria Al-Ghadd, Syria Al-Sha'b, Kaifa and Wesal.

"This international campaign seeks to make the most of the last ten days of Ramadan, the month of giving, where rewards are doubled; opening the door to those who seek to do good, alleviating the worsening human suffering for ten million displaced and refugee Syrians," said QC CEO Yusuf bin Ahmed al-Kuwari.

Al-Kuwari added that the Syrian people are in urgent need of food, shelter, medicine, education and healthcare. He also thanked the media, particularly "Al-Jazeera Mubashir" for its role in the campaign, as well as the campaign sponsors.

The campaign will be used to fund new relief projects in Syria and implement established projects meeting a variety of needs for Syrians inside and outside the country, including food, shelter, education, treatment of the sick and wounded, Eid clothing, help for students, the purchase of ambulances and paramedic training.

QC has spent over QR 88mn for the benefit of around 585,000 Syrian people since the conflict broke out. Around 268,000 people have benefited from food aid, more than 133,000 people from shelter and household items, around 155,000 people from treatment and other health assistance and 28,500 people from educational projects.

Around 60% of QC projects have benefited people displaced within Syria, representing around QR48.4mn, while the rest were directed to Syrian refugees in the neighboring countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. QC has a special field team dedicated to Syria and present in the country since the campaign began in April 2011.

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