New Issues in Refugee Research

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ResearchPaperNo.278 - Diaspora Engagement and the Global Initiative on Somali Refugees--Emerging Possibilities. Dianna Shandy 17 March 2016

ResearchPaperNo.277 - Refugees asked to fish for themselves: The Role of Livelihoods Trainings for Kampala's Urban Refugees. Evan Easton-Calabria 12 February 2016

ResearchPaperNo.276 - A Socio-Economic Review of Japan's Resettlement Pilot Project. Barbara Treviranus, Sayaka Osanami Törngren 24 June 2015

ResearchPaperNo.275 - Shouting towards the Sky: the role of religious individuals, communities, organisations and institutions in support for refugees and asylum seekers. Christine Goodall 4 May 2015

ResearchPaperNo.274 - Forced Migration and the Myanmar Peace Process. Ashley South & Kim Jolliffe 3 March 2015

ResearchPaperNo.273 - Asylum in the Republic of Croatia one year after accession to the European Union. Jasna Barberić 12 February 2015

ResearchPaperNo.272 - Tested at the Margins: the Contingent Rights of Displaced Iraqi Children in Jordan. Jason Hart and Anna Kvittingen 2 February 2015

ResearchPaperNo.271 - Ceasefires and durable solutions in Myanmar: a lessons learned review.
Commentary: IDPs and refugees in the current Myanmar peace process
31 March 2014

ResearchPaperNo.270 - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Refugee Determination Process in Canada: Starting the discourse. Dr. Julian Gojer, Adam Ellis 28 March 2014

ResearchPaperNo.269 - Rural Refugee Resettlement: Secondary Migration and Community Integration in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Jessica A. Marks 17 March 2014