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Angola Repatriation: Antonio returns home after 40 years in DR Congo

"I feel joy when I think that I will go home. It's better to be a citizen of your country than a refugee in another country," says 66-year-old returnee.

28 Aug 2014

UNHCR stresses that repatriation of Somalis from Kenya must be voluntary

The understanding was reaffirmed when Kenyan and Somali refugee commissioners visited Dadaab refugee camp-complex to discuss the repatriation process.

26 Nov 2013

Ivorian refugee repatriation from Liberia this year tops 10,000 mark

UNHCR hopes to facilitate the repatriation of 16,000 refugees from Liberia to areas such as Toulepleu, Tabou and Danane in western Côte d'Ivoire.

30 Jul 2013

Repatriation of refugees from Liberia to Côte d'Ivoire picks up this year

In the first four months of this year, some 7,300 Ivorians returned home with UNHCR's help from Liberia under a voluntary repatriation programme.

23 May 2013

UNHCR steps up repatriation from Liberia to Côte d'Ivoire

UNHCR repatriates a group of almost 550 Ivorian refugees from the Liberian counties of Nimba and Grand Gedeh, marking a stepped up repatriation.

9 Dec 2011

UNHCR dismayed at forced repatriation of Iraqis; reports increase in flight of Iraqi Christians

UNHCR dismayed at the continued forced repatriation by European countries of Iraqis. The agency notes a significant increase in Christians fleeing Baghdad.

17 Dec 2010

UNHCR resumes repatriation of Congolese refugees from Burundi

UNHCR resumes the assisted repatriation of Congolese refugees from Burundi to South Kivu province after a hiatus of more than two years due to insecurity.

1 Nov 2010

UNHCR resumes repatriation of Mauritanian refugees in Senegal

UNHCR transports 121 Mauritanian refugees by vehicle and boat from Senegal to their homeland, resuming a stalled repatriation operation.

19 Oct 2010

Repatriation of Burundians from Congo launched with convoy of 240

UNHCR starts to repatriate Burundian refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a first group of 244 people taken across the border.

5 Oct 2010

Repatriation of Congolese from Zambia reaches 40,000; camps to close

The number of Congolese refugees repatriated from neighbouring Zambia by UNHCR since 2007 has topped the 40,000 mark.

24 Sep 2010