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Syria Emergency

UNHCR makes progress in assisting up to 500,000 people in Syria by year's end

13 November 2012

Family aid packages had been distributed to some 59,000 families, or about 295,000 people. The packs contain non-food humanitarian supplies.

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Syrian refugee carries Olympic torch through Athens

26 April 2016

Symbolic gesture intended to show solidarity with the world's refugees at a time when millions are fleeing war and persecution worldwide.

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Bearing the Olympic torch

22 April 2016

The war in Syria put Ibrahim's athletic career on hold. Now in Greece, he's about to represent refugees in the Olympic torch relay.

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Displaced by war, Syrian tailor starts over in a rented van

20 April 2016

A UNHCR-backed programme gives small business grants to people displaced by war within Syria to help them restart their lives.

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Work permit boost gives hope to Syrian refugees in Jordan

19 April 2016

Three-month window for employers to obtain free work permits for Syrians could benefit tens of thousands of refugees.

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We felt maybe it's our turn to die. But we didn't want to die. So we made up our minds to leave.

Sahar, 25
Syrian refugee in Lebanon

They gave us biscuits, cheese, dates, dry meat – all very nice... And they gave us mats, blankets and kitchenware.

mother of three at Jordan’s Za'atri camp

Everyone needs to be doing all they can for the innocent families caught in the crossfire.

Angelina Jolie
UNHCR Special Envoy

It is heartbreaking to see so many Syrian citizens losing their lives, uprooted from their homes, or trapped in war zones.

António Guterres
High Commissioner for Refugees

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