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Syria Emergency

Erbil's Children: Syrian Refugees in Urban Iraq

16 May 2013

Erbil's Children: Syrian Refugees in Urban Iraq.

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Crossing to safety, and heartache: A blind couple's escape to Europe

11 July 2014

Refugees are risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea. For a blind couple from Syria, the quest for asylum has brought separation and sorrow.

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UNHCR urges Europe to do more to help Syrian refugees

11 July 2014

Only four per cent of Syrian refugees have sought asylum in Europe. More than half of them are going to Sweden and Germany.

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UNHCR works through the night to register Syrians reaching Jordan

10 July 2014

The new registration facility works around the clock, speeding the processing of exhausted refugees fleeing the war in their homeland

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UNHCR airlift delivering relief for 50,000 IDPs in northeast Syria

10 July 2014

The 11-day operation will deliver 440 tonnes of aid and follows earlier airlifts to the hard to reach area.

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We felt maybe it's our turn to die. But we didn't want to die. So we made up our minds to leave.

Sahar, 25
Syrian refugee in Lebanon

They gave us biscuits, cheese, dates, dry meat – all very nice... And they gave us mats, blankets and kitchenware.

mother of three at Jordan’s Za'atri camp

Everyone needs to be doing all they can for the innocent families caught in the crossfire.

Angelina Jolie
UNHCR Special Envoy

It is heartbreaking to see so many Syrian citizens losing their lives, uprooted from their homes, or trapped in war zones.

António Guterres
High Commissioner for Refugees

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