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South Sudan Emergency

UNHCR prepares for refugee influx into South Sudan's Upper Nile state

08 November 2012

The recent arrival of farmer Aneim and his family in Gendrassa camp was a further small sign that a new refugee influx beckons. UNHCR is getting ready.

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Breaking the Silence

06 March 2015

Meet Suzan, one of 40 young volunteers working to protect South Sudanese women and girls at a refugee settlement in northern Uganda.

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Sudan issues ID cards to tens of thousands of South Sudanese

03 March 2015

More than 54,000 South Sudanese have been registered and some 37,000 identity cards produced since the programme began at the start of February

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One Mother's Courage

17 February 2015

Deadly conflicts forced Nawat to flee from Sudan to South Sudan and then to Uganda. Now, a small miracle has made her family whole again.

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A boy named Boat

06 February 2015

Even before the civil war, giving birth in South Sudan was a risky affair. Martha delivered her son on a crowded ferry while fleeing attackers.

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Scared and exhausted
Fleeing for their lives


I need blankets. It is cold at night and I don't want my children to get sick.

Rebecca Barnaba, 23
mother of three at Doro camp

If we are not able to fly in what is needed during the rainy season, people will die. It is as simple as that.

Marie-Hélène Verney

We are facing a humanitarian disaster of large proportions… The support of the international community is now absolutely crucial.

António Guterres
High Commissioner for Refugees

I've just been back to Wau and was thrilled to see UNHCR supporting education, job training, helping women get on their feet, building homes!

Alek Wek
supermodel and former refugee

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