Crisis in Libya: Urgent Appeal
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A UNHCR staff member distributing food to families stranded at the Egyptian border, after fleeing the violence in Libya. © UNHCR/P.Moore

As the conflict in Libya continues, over 1 million men, women and children have fled the continuing violence to seek refuge in neighbouring countries, including Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, Chad, Sudan and Algeria.

Your much needed donation through UNHCR will help provide emergency relief items like tents and blankets for people who have been left with no choice but to flee Libya.

We are also seeking help to bring humanitarian assistance to those trapped inside Libya as the number of people displaced within the country is on the rise.

You can make a difference right now!
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Your life-saving gift through UNHCR will help provide critical support to those civilians displaced by the violence and political unrest.

Thank you for your support!

UNHCR's refund policy
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20 day-old Annas was brought to Tobruk hospital by his uncle after intense shelling in their home town of Ajdabiyya. Luckily he is well taken care of by this young woman named Bothina while the staff hospital is actively looking for his mother. © UNHCR/P.Moore

How you can help
US$40 provides 10 blankets for those displaced by the violence.

US$100 provides a survival kit containing a blanket, a mattress, a kitchen set, a cooking stove and soap.

US$200 provides an all-weather tent to shelter families displaced by the fighting.

US$350 can buy a flight for one person who has escaped the violence in Libya and is now stranded at the Tunisian and Egyptian borders, waiting to go back home.

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