Thematic discussions for the global compact on refugees

Integral to the development of the global compact on refugees will be a series of thematic discussions that will be used to ensure that its programme of action includes the perspectives of United Nations Member States and other stakeholders. These discussions will take place at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, over five days in the second half of 2017, as detailed below. 

UNHCR will also seek to use existing meetings, processes and conferences to identify measures that could be included in the programme of action.

For a current list of events relevant to the development of the global compact on refugees, please see “The global compact on refugees: Extended calendar of relevant events”.

14-15 November 2017 – Thematic Discussions Four and Five

Measures to be taken in the pursuit of solutions,

in accordance with the final section of the CRRF; and

Issues that cut across all four substantive sections of the comprehensive refugee response, and overarching issues

To view video recordings of thematic discussions four and five, please click on the links below:

Key documents

Side events

Statelessness and Forced Displacement: Interlinkages & the Importance of Prevention and Solutions

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17-18 October 2017 – Thematic Discussions Two and Three

Measures to be taken at the onset of a large movement of refugees,

including the elements set out in the "Reception and admission" section of the comprehensive refugee response framework (CRRF).

Meeting needs and supporting communities,

including the "Support for immediate and ongoing needs" and "Support for host countries and communities" sections of the CRRF.

To view video recordings of thematic discussions two and three, please click on the links below:

Key documents



Side events

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Information note - Towards a global compact on refugees

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Syrians can now apply for jobs in certain sectors, such as agriculture, construction, textiles and food.

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From crisis comes opportunity, says UNHCR protection chief

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10 July 2017 – Thematic Discussion One

Past and current burden- and responsibility-sharing arrangements

To view video recordings of the first thematic discussion, please click on the links below:

Key documents


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Looking for lessons among past refugee crises

At a dialogue about sharing responsibility for refugees, stakeholders reflect on responses to earlier crises in Kosovo*, Guatemala and Viet Nam.

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