Expo-on-demand Les Emigrants belges d'hier

Les Emigrants belges d'hier is a set of paintings offered on loan to schools recounting the story of Belgians emigrating from their country in the past, with a link to refugees today.

Materials Available

The exposition materials consist of 13 panels of 80 by 52 cm. The expo materials are accompanied by a teacher’s guide, exercises and lesson plans, an information brochure and a model rental contract for the panels.

Age groups

Suitable for children aged 12-18.


All materials are available in French.

How to order

The teaching materials can be downloaded for free from Ciré’s educational resources page.

The panels can be obtained on loan for a maximum period of 15 days at a price of 75 euro. The organization renting the panels is also obliged to get an insurance.

For more information, please contact Valentine Demuylder at Ciré.