Global Shelter Coalition

Why join the Global Shelter Coalition?

  • To demonstrate your support in managing the refugee crisis, the greatest humanitarian challenge of the modern era.
  • To help fast-track the ongoing development and deployment of innovative, efficient solutions to provide shelter for refugees. 
  • To see the impact of your support multiplied and amplified
  • To act as social leader sharing your passion with your networks, promoting Shelter as a fundamental human need and basic right, and raising awareness of the plight of refugees and the critical role UNHCR plays

How you can help

We invite you to become a Member or a Leader of the Global Shelter Coalition and lead by example. You can also amplify the impact of the Coalition in inspiring and creative ways.

  • Launch a "Shelter Challenge" creating matching schemes for your peers, your clients and employees or even for other corporate donors around the globe.
  • Create a "Shelter Multiplier" effect by sponsoring the advocacy and fundraising activities of our national office or helping us to create online giving platforms.
  • Underwrite an event, or devise your own way to help UNHCR and the refugees we serve.

With the Global Shelter Coalition, UNHCR aims to:

  • Innovate. Advance in developing new concepts for settlement design, the improvement of technical specifications for shelters, and the testing of new prototypes.
  • Respond more effectively. The pooled funds contribute to bringing faster, more effective, sustainable and innovative settlement and shelter solutions.
  • Enable protection environments. Further invest in research, development and reports that will generate media attention and influence policy discussions at the highest levels of government.  
  • Advocate. Global Shelter Coalition supporters can be leaders in raising awareness of the plight of refugees and the pivotal role UNHCR plays in providing shelter solutions to millions of forcibly displaced people around the world.

Funds raised so far have supported more than 853,000 people forced to flee:

How to join the Global Shelter Coalition

Contact our Global Shelter Desk at [email protected] and learn more about the exciting opportunities of becoming part of the Global Shelter Coalition for 'Nobody Left Outside'.