Official 2017 Nansen Refugee Award Runners-Up

For the first time in the Award’s history, we can reveal five inspirational heroes who were short-listed for the Award but narrowly missed out on winning.

Each runner-up has been selected from a different global region and all reflect the spirit of Fridjtof Nansen.

Hej Framling: How Sweden are welcoming refugees through sport

Hej Framling! (Hello Stranger!) are integrating refugees into Swedish life using the things Swedes are most passionate about – outdoor activities.

CIYOTA:  Refugee-led organisation transforms education in Uganda

CIYOTA was formed by a group of teenage refugees in Kywangali refugee camp, Uganda. The group have transformed the education system, set up their own primary school and offer scholarships to secondary education.

Brother Bernard: One man has become a lifeline for refugees in detention.

Brother Bernard has dedicated the last twenty years of his life to supporting refugees and asylum seekers in detention in Bangkok; he offers guidance, and fundraises to secure bail.

Dr. Ezedeen: The ‘doctor of the poor’ in Damascus

Dr. Ezedeen is supporting thousands of displaced Syrians in Jaramana city, Damascus. Offering free health care, the Doctor works day and night to support people forced to flee their homes in war-torn Syria.

Friar Tomas: The Mexican Friar providing a safe haven for refugees

Friar Tomas has dedicated his entire life to protecting refugees and migrants in Mexico. His shelter "La 72" has become a beacon of hope and protection for thousands of desperate families escaping violence in Central America.