In addition to committed partners, UNHCR requires funding to expand access to the internet and provide subsidies for internet-enabled phones and data for the most vulnerable refugees. Funding is also needed to develop a new era within UHCR around digital training content, material and capacity.

UNHCR also requires a dedicated internal team, including field connectivity coordinators, to lead the planning, execution, coordination and monitoring of country-specific strategies.

The number of people fleeing their homes and countries has grown considerably over the last decade. In the past five years no fewer than 15 conflicts – some new, some old – have brought unspeakable tragedy and misery to millions across the world.

UNHCR has responded. We have stretched our resources to help more people than ever before. To make this innovative project a reality, to bring it to scale, additional funding is needed.

Private Sector

UNHCR does not have the technical expertise to implement this transformative project on its own. We need the private sector's help to be able to achieve scale and sustainability. The private sector brings global reach, innovative business models, experience in the telecoms sector, robust relationships with government regulators and a deep pool of financial and staff resources.

By partnering with UNHCR on this initiative, private-sector partners can realize benefits beyond those normally associated with corporate social responsibility. These include:

  • Incremental revenue opportunities from new paying subscribers (i.e. refugees, host communities, UNHCR and partner agency staff).
  • Increased employee engagement through staff volunteer programmes; validation of new technology for rural connectivity.
  • Ability to pilot new business models in a controlled, low-resource setting (e.g. refugee camps).
  • Make a clear and significant social impact.

Individual Supporters

Refugees are people just like you. The difference is they have been forced to flee their homes. It is of even greater importance to them to be able to communicate with their family and loved ones.

Through your contribution, our team would be able to support several vulnerable refugee households as follows:

  • $10/month provide one refugee household with airtime for 12 months, including voice, SMS and data.
  • $15/month provide one refugee household with with an entry-level smartphone and airtime for 12 months.
  • $20/month can help us develop content and training materials for refugees
  • $50/month could support a women's group, enabling them become digital literate and promote their small businesses online and inform and organize their community.
  • $100/month could fund a community technology centre which would open up access to online education courses and help young people envision digital employment possibilities.

Donate now

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UNHCR cannot do this project on its own and sends out a big THANK YOU to all the following entities who have started collaborating with us on this global initiative* :

  • Nethope
  • TSF
  • Vodafone , Vodacom and Vodafone Foundation
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Accenture Development Partnership

*If you wish to have your logo displayed on our website, please contact us directly.