Global Shelter Coalition

The challenges we are facing have never been more complex or the stakes higher. By joining together at this unprecedented time, Global Shelter Coalition members will achieve a much greater impact than their individual investments would allow.

As a key donor to the Nobody Left Outside, Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr Tahir has been named Eminent Advocate and Champion of the campaign’s Global Shelter Coalition.

Why join the Global Shelter Coalition?

  • To demonstrate your support in managing the refugee crisis, the greatest humanitarian challenge of the modern era.
  • To help fast-track the ongoing development and deployment of innovative, efficient solutions to provide shelter for refugees. 
  • To see the impact of your support multiplied and amplified
  • To act as social leader sharing your passion with your networks, promoting Shelter as a fundamental human need and basic right, and raising awareness of the plight of refugees and the critical role UNHCR plays

Benefits of joining

  • Demonstrate what can be achieved when public and private sector leaders work together in new ways in times of crises
  • Advance your company’s corporate social responsibility goals and the interests of your customers, suppliers and business networks
  • Raise awareness of your brand

Supporting refugees through the Global Shelter Coalition

We invite you to become a Friend, a Member or a Leader of the Global Shelter Coalition and lead by example.

You can also amplify the impact of the Coalition in inspiring and creative ways.

  • Launch a “Shelter Challenge” creating matching schemes for your peers, your clients and employees or even for other corporate donors around the globe.
  • Create a “Shelter Multiplier” effect but sponsoring the advocacy and fundraising activities of our national office or helping us to create online giving platforms.
  • Underwrite an event, or devise your own way to help UNHCR and the refugees we serve. 

UNHCR will celebrate your support

When we invite you to be part of the Global Shelter Coalition, we commit ourselves to celebrating your engagement, to amplifying your message and to providing you with all the support you need to promote our message to others.

As part of the Coalition you will be able to see at first-hand the impact of your support. You will receive special invitations to global and regional events in key cities, including speaking roles (as appropriate). Your company will also receive authorization to use UNHCR’s logo in conjunction with promoting the Coalition. Our recognition and gratitude will also be featured in a special Nobody Left Outside/Global Shelter Coalition Annual Report.

How to join the Global Shelter Coalition

UNHCR seeks the engagement of like-minded donors to invest together on tackling the urgent needs for shelter of 2 million refugees around the world.

Contact our Global Shelter Desk at and learn more about the exciting opportunities of becoming part of the Global Shelter Coalition for ‘Nobody left Outside’. 

If you would prefer to make a direct gift, you can do so through our online donation form.

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