Graduation Approach

Since 2013, our field teams and partners, with the support of Trickle Up, have been piloting the Graduation Approach in five countries. It has become a powerful tool that enables vulnerable refugees to: 

  • Meet basic needs
  • Develop skills
  • Adopt healthy savings habits
  • Determine a path of entrepreneurship or find employment opportunities in the local job market.

Under the Graduation Approach, each refugee participant has a personal mentor who actively works to link them to existing offerings. This makes existing programmes more personalised and responsive to individual protection needs. The mentor builds a relationship of trust and confidence with the participant, helping them to:

  • Access services and rights
  • Receive the right livelihoods support at the right time
  • Follow a clear road map towards graduation by a clear target date.

Protection safeguards

Graduation caseworkers are trained on response and referral mechanisms, including when it comes to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), and are able to respond to many concerns through their close collaboration and consistent follow-up with the participants. Caseworkers are able to detect protection risks early and support refugees by ensuring they engage in safe and decent work. 


The above video is also available in French, Spanish and Arabic.