We asked our UNHCR colleagues about some of the challenges and highlights they had during 2016. From human resources, to partnerships, to ICT in emergencies, and protection – watch the videos below to get insight into the day to day lives of humanitarian workers.

Year in Review 2016: Claude on the importance of sports for refugees and the Refugee Olympic Team

Year in Review 2016: Andrew on the future of innovation at UNHCR

Year in Review 2016: Deborah on ethics in UNCHR and the challenges of oversight in humanitarian organisations

Year in Review 2016: Nathan on standardising processes in responding to the European Refugee Crisis

Year in Review 2016: Patricia on trying to balance the interests of staff and the organisation

Year in Review 2016: Sweta on the importance of diversity and young voices in UNHCR

Year in Review 2016: Yasmine on supporting colleagues in conflicts while facilitating knowledge sharing

Year in Review 2016: Tapio on the role of the private sector in addressing humanitarian challenges

Year in Review 2016: Nizar on the challenges of deploying technology for emergency field support

From the team

Chris, Deputy of UNHCR’s Innovation Service, discusses the transition of leadership in Innovation during 2016 and how it presents new opportunities to question what we’ve done well and what we need to change. Chris also highlights the importance of multidisciplinary teams within UNHCR and how this facilitated an environment for new ideas within the Winter Cell and the Innovation team.

Salva, Senior Admin and Programme Associate, discusses the difficulties in providing administrative and programme support for innovation and UNHCR. He also explores the main bureaucratic challenges he faces and opportunities to provide more efficient support for refugees.

Agnes, Innovation Officer (Energy and Environment), discusses the importance of focusing on local and refugee-driven energy solutions. Agnes also explains the rewards of joining UNHCR after coming from the private sector.

Katie, Innovation Officer (Communicating with Communities), discusses her refugee innovation work in Uganda, in addition to the challenges of working in a large organization like UNHCR.

Clara, UNHCR’s HEA Coordinator, discusses the importance of innovation for refugee education and why we need to adapt to new models for education in emergencies.

Jackie, UNHCR’s Learn Lab Manager, walks us through the highlights of 2016 and explains why still have a lot of work to do to effectively address refugee education.