Alexis Ariza
Programme Officer
Duty Station: Peshawar, Pakistan

“Innovation is the reorganization of a set of elements -that could be real or symbolic- in order to recreate a previous statement into a more efficient/useful/aesthetic one […] There are so many incredible ideas that deserve to be shared and recycled; ideas that can be replicated for the development of self-sustainable technologies to protect persons of concern and improve their life quality.”

Alexis is Colombian and currently lives in Khartoum, Sudan with his family. Prior to joining UNHCR, he worked with vulnerable populations, such as SGBV victims, refugees, IDPs and persons in risk of statelessness, in Colombia for several years. He is particularly interested in assessment tools and how to re-create and improve them.

Project: RBM3 – Result Based Management Matrix

The Result Based Management Matrix is a tool designed to monitor the performance of offices and projects at various levels. It contributes to the decision making process of MFTs in reallocating resources and monitoring IPs. A user friendly platform, RBM2 allows for different sources of data to be added into a single interface, linking information in a quick and accurate manner.

Project: Self-Assessment MyUNHCR App

Alexis is currently working with Yunesti Handayani and Maarouf Issaka Toure on this project. This project was designed to provide real-time assessment of refugee needs and to improve the way UNHCR collects and uses this information. Through phones or tablets, persons of concern will be able to provide feedback and other relevant information regarding their needs and priorities, which will then be sent to UNHCR. A complementary App will allow persons of concern to report incidents or to be quickly directed to UNHCR hotlines.