Anthony Toulany
Senior Program Assistant
Duty Station: Beirut, Lebanon

I am addressing the challenge of how we can enhance program analysis.

Program analysis is usually done to evaluate the current situation of the operating budget or plan. Usually this process is done through generating several reports from UNHCR’s financial management and data tracking tools. To accelerate this process, we have to create tools to facilitate the analysis of donor funding/our budget vs. expenditures, encumbrance, and pre-encumbrance.

On the other hand, connecting Project Partnership Agreements with their components (project description, work plan, installment plan, staffing table, etc.) is a major challenge for us, and I believe is an area where we can have a more systematic connection.

The first units to benefit from this project would be the program and project control units. Nevertheless, enhancing program analysis can help us to have the best plan through which we can ease the suffering of refugees.

I want to find a solution to this problem because a better analysis is the beginning of a better plan. A better plan gives us the chance to better serve vulnerable people.