Anup Kumar Aryal
Project Control Officer
Duty Station: Beirut, Lebanon

Anup is originally from Nepal and currently works as a Project Control Officer in Lebanon. Before moving to Beirut, Anup worked as a Livelihoods Officer for UNHCR in Nepal, where he was recognized for his innovative ideas and sustainable practices.

Project: Multi-Purpose Mobile Latrine and Biodigester

The goal of this project is to ensure adequate sanitation at UNHCR registration centers, as refugees and UNHCR staff generally face significant difficulties in accessing proper sewage and water systems. The introduction of an effective sanitation facility – the latrine – also generates energy, as its by-product, the bio-gas, can be fully used as fuel. The latrine is a light-weight structure divided into two compartments. Each of them will be fitted with appropriate latrine sheets and hand-wash basins for males, females and people with disabilities. A bio-digester is placed below the toilet will produce gas that can be used as fuel to a nearby kitchen, and slurry that can also be collected and used as an effective fertilizer.