Jad Ghosn
Regional Data Management Officer
Duty Station: Beirut, Lebanon

“Innovation is finding a simpler and more effective solution or idea to an existing subject or problem. It is important because it makes my work and that of others more effective. It can even save lives.”

Jad is a computer engineer from Lebanon, working with data management at UNHCR in Lebanon for over four years. He’s an avid outdoorsman and loves spending time windsurfing, surfing, snowboarding and climbing. He is currently working alongside Diego and Erin on a mobile app device, an innovative communication channel for refugees.

Project: UNHCR App for Mobile Devices

Jad is currently working with Diego Batista and Erin Hayba on this project. This project focuses on the design and implementation of a mobile app that can serve as an innovative communication channel, connecting refugees to UNHCR staff and service providers (NGOs). As refugees (in the context of the Syrian crisis) spend long hours outside UNHCR offices trying to get access to information and services, the mobile app can help to bridge this gap, by providing updated news and allowing refugees to take a more participative role through the use of crowdsourcing and forums. Designed in a simple-to-use manner, the app is able to deliver the functionality users need, as refugees can update and provide information instantaneously, by the way of crowdsourcing.

The initial purpose of the app is to provide information, report incidents, and reach out to the refugee community- but may be expanded with time. The app would particularly target information relevant to Syrian refugees in Lebanon, but would have the capacity to spread to other countries, according to each situation.