Khandaker Aminul Islam
Associate Livelihoods Officer
Duty Station: Kassala, Sudan

“Innovation is the transformation of new ideas into action for any desired change in the setting we are working in. In other words, innovation is the critical reflection on the past or the ongoing events to develop new ways of doing things and achieving the expected results.”

Aminul works in the Transitional Solution Initiative (TSI), which focuses on durable solutions to protracted displacement through a joint humanitarian-development approach. The initiative aims to transform camps into more self-sustaining settlements and improve the livelihoods of refugees and surrounding host communities.

Project: Livelihoods Monitoring Tool for Eastern Sudan

This project aims to develop a livelihoods monitoring tool to improve the system for measuring changes in livelihoods of refugees and host communities. This monitoring tool will also allow for an evidence-based monitoring of TSI interventions as well as the monitoring of the progress towards self-reliance of refugees over time. The tool will count on a limited number of robust indicators in order to monitor and evaluate changes in livelihoods of households and/or individuals.