Cary Lewis
Information Management Coordinator
Duty Station: MSF OCBA

I’m addressing the challenge of how to improve the knowledge management of the organization.

For many employees, finding the proper information needed is done by contacting the proper person or being directed to the proper area where the information of interest is stored. There is not an easy way of accessing information if the employee is not already aware of it and aware of where to find it. As information is not readily available to update other departments and teams, it can lead to duplication of efforts and the repeat of errors or mistakes. Productivity and efficiency is therefore lost. This is a complicated issue for field operations as well that have critical work and need to rapidly access information. It is a result of information not being readily shared or organized to allow for easy consumption or discovery. Time is lost and spent trying to get information for simple or complex information in both the HQ and field environments.

I want to find a solution to this challenge because a solution will enhance productivity and efficiency not only in HQ, but hopefully in the field also, as with great effort our organization can greatly benefit with improved knowledge management.