Emergency Lab
Emergency Lab

Emergency Lab

The Emergency Lab enhances UNHCR's emergency preparedness and response.

The Emergency Lab is a collaboration between UNHCR Innovation and the Division of Emergency, Security, and Supply. The Lab’s primary focus in its inaugural year is Communications with Communities (CwC) – an emerging field of humanitarian response that facilitates dialogue between survivors of disaster or conflict and responders.

People who have been forcibly displaced by emergencies have critical information and communications needs. These include connecting with separated family members; knowing where and how to access services; and identifying channels to raise complaints and voice concerns.

The Emergency Lab helps UNHCR to identify practices that ensure inclusive Communications with Communities (CwC) and keep refugees at the center of UNHCR’s emergency operations.

UNHCR aid worker Hugo Reichenberger helps an old Malian refugee woman to settle in Goudebou camp where she has just arrived.

The Lab seeks to identify and explore new ways to ensure refugees in emergencies have access to information through appropriate and trusted channels so they can make informed decisions to protect themselves and one other.

Through collaboration with internal and external partners the Emergency Lab will seek ways to ensure that the voices of refugees – including the most marginalized – are identified and amplified through consultation and dialogue.

In 2016, the Emergency Lab has been directly supporting UNHCR operations in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Malawi, Niger, and Uganda. Please read our blogs to find out more.

Watch this space to see the Lab evolve.


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