Energy Lab
Energy Lab

Energy Lab

The Energy Lab finds the most suitable technology to meet the energy needs of refugees and those forcibly displaced at the community level.

The Energy Lab is a collaboration between UNHCR Innovation and UNHCR’s Division of Program Support and Management

Access to safe and sustainable energy is a basic need for everyone. Without it, the forcibly displaced – particularly women and children – may be exposed to health and safety risks and have less time for education, livelihoods, as well as social and other activities.

The Energy Lab helps UNHCR understand and address energy needs of refugees and other uprooted people.

The Lab grew out of a collaboration between UNHCR Innovation and the Energy & Environment unit with the support of the IKEA Foundation. While much of its work has focused on renewable energy, the Lab also provides direct support to other country operations and UNHCR units.

Innovation: Briquette-making project helps protect women in Ugandan camp

The Lab’s ultimate goal is to improve the effectiveness and cross-cutting nature of energy programmes to enhance the protection, dignity, empowerment and self-reliance of forcibly displaced people globally.

It also intends to improve UNHCR’s ability to engage with partners and act as a resource mobilization service for innovative energy-based programmes within the agency.

Watch this space to see the Lab evolve!


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