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Link Lab

Link Lab

The Link Lab connects refugees and forcibly displaced communities, UNHCR, and external partners to one another through information and communications technologies.

The Link Lab is directly supported by UNHCR’s Division of Information Systems and Telecommunications.

More than 59.5 million people around the world today live in conditions that concern UNHCR – as refugees or asylum seekers, internally displaced or stateless people, or returnees. Safeguarding their rights and well-being presents complex – often logistic and information – challenges.

The Link Lab is particularly focused on improving access to and quality of basic services, making it possible for any forcibly-displaced person to be able to access and share information. The Lab does this by supporting projects related to data, information management, and connectivity.

UNHCR staff distributes aid to refugees in Dagahaley Camp in Kenya.

The Lab explores new ways to reach refugees and other displaced populations, collect and analyze data about their needs, and serve them better using information and communications technology.

While its focus today is on data and information management and connectivity, the Lab remains fluid, encouraging experimentation and new ideas.

Watch this space to see the Lab evolve!


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