Call for Expression of Interest

UNHCR Malta is seeking a partner organisation for 2019.


UNHCR Malta is seeking a partner organisation to implement the following project:


Monitoring Detention of Asylum-Seekers through Legal Assistance and Supporting Refugees Integration


Project Period: 1st January 2019 – 31st December 2019 (potential renewal until end of 2020)


Project description

This project aims to assist asylum-seekers, beneficiaries of international protection and stateless persons in their arrival, reception and integration stages in Maltese society. It will have two main components, one focused on improving access to protection and monitoring the use of detention and the other on facilitating integration.


Goals and expected outcome

The protection goal of the project has four main components:  asylum seekers are not deprived of their liberty unnecessarily and are received in conditions that respect their dignity;  they are able to obtain information about their rights and about the asylum procedure to be better able to access protection; newly arrived asylum-seekers in open centres receive general information, legal assistance and support to access services and entitlements for their immediate needs;  beneficiaries of protection who experience SGBV are able to obtain effective access to legal redress as well as to the services and support they need.

The integration goal of the project, which follows up on the project implemented in previous years, is to work towards a situation where beneficiaries of international protection are integrated in Maltese society, effectively enjoy their rights, and achieve true independence and self-sufficiency.


Main activities

The protection goal will be achieved through the following main activities:

  1. Regular outreach, albeit in different forms, in detention and reception centres (open centres and IRC) to monitor practice and provide basic information and legal counselling,
  2. With specific reference to SGBV survivors, these will be counselled and assisted in case of seeking legal redress for the harm suffered.

The integration goal will be achieved through the following main activities:

  1. service provision including social and legal assistance for integration issues (counselling, information sharing, in-depth support through individual case work)
  2. providing specially designed support in improving access to education and employment to a number of individuals, according to pre-established selection criteria
  3. capacity building of mainstream service providers to facilitate easier access to services
  4. monitoring integration gaps and advocating both on specific integration-related issues as well as for the development of better integration services and programmes.

It is expected that the selected partner organisation will designate a focal point who would act as project manager and who would be available to meet with UNHCR staff at a minimum once a month, per project goals.

It is up to the proposing agency to define the scope and size of the project. UNHCR’s contribution will not, in any case, exceed Euro 60,500.


Instructions for the submission of a Concept Note

To apply as a partner organisation for this project, a Concept Note must be submitted to UNHCR Malta. The completed Concept Note must be signed. It can be sent to UNHCR Malta either

(a) by post to the following address: UNHCR Malta, 52 Mountbatten Street, Hamrun, HMR 1574

(b) by email to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Concept Note – Project Partner 2019’. Please note that if sending by email, a signed and scanned copy is required.

The following documents are needed for the submission:

  1. Download Call for Expression of Interest. (PDF)
  2. Download Concept Note template. (Word doc.)

Deadline for submission of Concept Note: Monday 12th November 2018

Date the decision will be communicated to applicants: Wednesday 28th November


Replies to enquiries submitted

1. Is there an envisaged structure on the budget? I am not seeing any templates for it.
The general budget costs should go under ‘Resources’ section in the Concept Note template. The detailed budget is to be finalised and agreed, once a partner is selected. Thus, the information included in the resources section will not be the amount approved or agreed.

2. Is there a co-financing rate for this partnership? And if there isn’t, can we use this fund as other’s (bigger) 20% in order to expand on personnel and capacity?
No, there is no co-financing rate for this partnership although contributions from partner organisations are considered an asset. The funds from this project are independent in the sense that all the aims and objectives of the call should be addressed and reporting has to be done on activities implemented. UNHCR will not provide “overhead cost” for NGOs operating in the country of origin.

3. I read that there should be the offer to have legal redress for cases of S/GBV, however, that is not always possible due to the incident having occurred years ago (like in cases of FGM), or the perpetrator is no longer in the country. As such, can we limit the legal aspect to what is feasible to offer redress for (such as active cases of DV and cases wherein the perpetrator is still in Malta)?
Legal costs will be disbursed according to the needs and existing cases in Malta i.e. what is feasible in any present case and are not linked to theoretical cases.


We look forward to hearing from interested organisations.