Request for Proposals – Documentary movie production for the UNHCR Northern Europe office

NOTE: The deadline for applications has now passed

The Syrian mother Manal with her eight-year-old son Karam. They are traveling with train to Manal´s flat in the suburb of Copenhagen after Manal as been working in the central of Copenhagen. ; When Manal realized her life was in danger, she made a decision that no mother should have to make: she fled to safety in Denmark in December 2014, leaving her children behind. There was too little time and money to organize the journey for all four of them so Manal plan was to go it alone in the belief that they would be just a few steps behind her. It would be more than a year before she saw them again. The Chldiren were finally reunited with their mother in Denmark in November 2015.


In 2015 alone, over one million refugees and migrants undertook dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean Sea in search of safety in Europe. Many of these people made their way to the Nordic countries all the way from war-torn countries, a majority from Syria and Afghanistan. Last year, the number of arrivals to Europe was lower due to the closing of the route between Turkey and Greece, but the number of deaths on the Mediterranean Sea was the highest ever recorded with more than 5,000 people dead or missing. This makes the chance of death at sea 1 in 72 for those attempting the crossing. UNHCR is strongly advocating for a more simplified asylum system and access to safe and legal ways for refugees to reach safety. One of UNHCR’s main recommendations is a strengthened system for family reunification. This would enable refugees, including unaccompanied children, to join their families without having to risk their lives by using dangerous and illegal alternatives.


To raise global attention, advocate, and trigger local awareness and political discussion about the situation of refugees with pending family reunification cases in the Nordic countries, the UNHCR Regional Representation for Northern Europe office wants to produce a documentary movie from the perspective of a refugee family that travelled from Syria to Denmark and risked their lives on the way. The office is looking for a production studio or film director/producer to produce the film.

The film would be focusing on a family previously interviewed by the office, whose story can be read here, with both a global and regional target audience for distribution in film festivals, with worldwide broadcasters and in movie theatres.

Please see the attached Terms of Reference and accompanying documents for more information and instructions on how to apply for the contract.



Request for Proposals – UNHCR Documentary

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