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Icelandic Government

Contributions to UNHCR

Iceland is a regular donor to UNHCR. In 2016, Iceland quadrupled its support to UNHCR with its highest contribution ever made to UNHCR, totalling USD 2.4 million to the Syria crisis, making the country the seventh largest donor to UNHCR per capita. Iceland is a committed donor to the Syria situation and contributed with USD 600 000 to the Syria Situation in 2015.




Iceland generously funds UNHCR with USD 2.4 million.

Iceland generously funds UNHCR with USD 2.4 million.

Iceland has increased its support to UNHCR’s response to the Syria crisis considerably, showing great solidarity with refugees and internally displaced people. The USD 2.4 million contribution is the highest ever to UNHCR by Iceland.

Donor Government Counterparts

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is UNHCR’s Government counterpart on matters related to strategic cooperation and funding.

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ICEIDA is an autonomous Agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for the implementation of official Icelandic development cooperation.

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