UN refugee head meets Homs' displaced on Syria visit

Filippo Grandi witnesses 'immense' scale of urgent humanitarian and reconstruction needs.

31 Jan 2017

After the battle, Aleppo residents want to get back to work

Displaced residents of Syria's war-ravaged city seek employment as a first step towards returning to normal life.

27 Jan 2017

Desperate refugees and migrants in Serbia face freezing temperatures

Serbian authorities, together with UNHCR and partners, step up efforts to extend capacity in emergency shelters for hundreds sleeping rough.

25 Jan 2017

As tensions ease, some displaced return to Bangui

Thousands of people who fled fighting in the Central African Republic's capital have returned under a voluntary programme run by UNHCR and the government.

24 Jan 2017

As Gambia crisis passes, displaced return from Senegal

Several thousand people have returned to the Gambia since ex-president Yahya Jammeh ceded power.

24 Jan 2017

UN seeks $4.63 billion to aid Syrian refugees and host nations

Funding appeal launched at Helsinki event seeks to ease desperate plight of 4.7 million refugees and neighbouring countries hosting them.

24 Jan 2017

Chad helps returnees at risk of statelessness to get papers

UNHCR is working with Chad and partners to ensure the children of Chadian émigrés fleeing war in neighbouring countries finally receive ID cards to start over.

20 Jan 2017

Some 45,000 people have fled uncertainty in Gambia as tension mounts

Women and children cross border of West African nation to Senegal as crisis talks take place.

20 Jan 2017

Syrian refugee says more than food needed to nourish dreams

Team Refugees swimmer Yusra Mardini appeals to star-studded Davos event for more support to those fleeing war and persecution.

18 Jan 2017