Nationality reform a major step towards ending statelessness in Madagascar

6 Feb 2017

UN refugee chief warns against politicizing plight of refugees

Filippo Grandi urges developed countries to show generosity to those fleeing conflict or risk undermining principle of solidarity.

3 Feb 2017

Displacement wave expected if Mosul, Hawiga fighting intensifies

Agency steps up plans to respond to expected spike in numbers fleeing renewed fighting.

3 Feb 2017

Rohingya arrivals in Bangladesh struggle to get back on their feet

Nearly four months after violent incidents drove them from Myanmar to Bangladesh, Rohingya women and children are living precariously with limited assistance and fears of deportation.

2 Feb 2017

UN refugee chief calls for accelerated assistance for Aleppo

Shocked by scale of devastation, Grandi calls for massive investment and for efforts to secure lasting peace.

1 Feb 2017

Trapped Mosul civilians in dire need of relief

Fleeing residents highlight danger, lack of food and water for hundreds of thousands of civilians who remain trapped in militant-held areas of Iraq's second largest city.

31 Jan 2017

Rescue boat scours sea for flimsy craft

Highly experienced crews of the Phoenix and its sister vessel have rescued about 33,000 people from the Mediterranean since 2014.

31 Jan 2017

UN refugee head meets Homs' displaced on Syria visit

Filippo Grandi witnesses 'immense' scale of urgent humanitarian and reconstruction needs.

31 Jan 2017

After the battle, Aleppo residents want to get back to work

Displaced residents of Syria's war-ravaged city seek employment as a first step towards returning to normal life.

27 Jan 2017