Rohingya influx strains camp resources in Bangladesh

Thousands of Rohingya fleeing Myanmar violence are filling Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh, stretching resources.

15 Sep 2017

Renewed violence in CAR drives record levels of displacement

As violence escalates across Central African Republic, thousands are forced to leave everything behind.

15 Sep 2017

Elderly Rohingya rely on families to carry them to safety

The old and sick are among the most vulnerable of the estimated 370,000 Rohingya who fled violence in Myanmar. Many are carried to Bangladesh by relatives.

13 Sep 2017

Over 3.5 million refugee children miss out on school, report finds

UNHCR calls for education of refugees to be a fundamental element in humanitarian response.

12 Sep 2017

On visit to Hungary, UNHCR Chief calls for end to detention and greater solidarity with refugees

Grandi calls on Hungary to improve access for people seeking asylum and to do away with its so-called border "transit zones".

12 Sep 2017

Soaked and hungry Rohingya refugees seek shelter in Bangladesh

An estimated 313,000 men, women and children fleeing violence in Myanmar overwhelm relief capacity in Bangladesh.

11 Sep 2017

Displaced children tell of suffering in DRC's Kasai

UNHCR estimates that 1.4 million people have been displaced as a result of conflict in the previously peaceful region.

8 Sep 2017

Rohingya take to the sea in search of safety in Bangladesh

An estimated 164,000 men, women and children have fled violence in Myanmar's northern Rakhine state in the past two weeks, many in fishing boats.

7 Sep 2017

Voices from the ground: Rohingya refugees flee to Bangladesh

UNHCR spokesperson Vivian Tan describes the desperation of refugees escaping violence in Myanmar.

6 Sep 2017