UNHCR readies for fresh Mosul exodus as battle moves west

Displaced Iraqis voice fears for relatives trapped in west of the city, as UNHCR prepares for movement of up to a quarter of a million people.

21 Feb 2017

Funding crunch exacerbates Yemen 'catastrophe'

Deaths through famine and lack of medical attention in the country are being aggravated as UN Refugee Agency relief operations are just one per cent funded.

17 Feb 2017

A Syrian family's dream of a new life restored

The Moeins were among hundreds of Syrian refugees whose lives were put on hold after an executive order, since stayed, suspended U.S. resettlement.

16 Feb 2017

Fleeing west Mosul by boat to the shelter of a UNHCR camp

Families risk their lives to escape an extremist-held area of Iraq's second-largest city, as UNHCR prepares for fresh exodus.

9 Feb 2017

Syrian refugee couple find new hope and freedom through art

An exhibition of drawings by artists Shergo Musa and Nazli Abdou in Skopje portrays the experiences, hopes and fears of their family and fellow refugees.

8 Feb 2017

Insecurity in Yemen threatens incoming refugees and migrants

UNHCR launches campaign to highlight dangers to thousands of people – most from Ethiopia and Somalia – who continue head to Yemen despite the raging conflict.

7 Feb 2017

Nationality reform a major step towards ending statelessness in Madagascar

6 Feb 2017

UN refugee chief warns against politicizing plight of refugees

Filippo Grandi urges developed countries to show generosity to those fleeing conflict or risk undermining principle of solidarity.

3 Feb 2017

Displacement wave expected if Mosul, Hawiga fighting intensifies

Agency steps up plans to respond to expected spike in numbers fleeing renewed fighting.

3 Feb 2017