Austrian bishop breaks down barriers and builds understanding

A bishop who refused to allow a border fence to be built on church land has helped to change hearts and minds in Austria.

28 Dec 2016

Mosul residents face battle for survival

While many residents have fled an ongoing battle to retake Iraq's second city, thousands of families in Mosul struggle to find food, water and protection.

28 Dec 2016

Refugees serve up a taste of home at food festival in France

Strasbourg restaurants open their kitchens to refugee chefs, changing perceptions one palate at a time.

27 Dec 2016

As winter blows in across Lebanon, refugees struggle

As rains soak the Bekaa Valley and temperatures fall, vulnerable families battle to keep warm and dry.

23 Dec 2016

Refugee Olympians wrap gifts, swap stories with children

In Paris, runner Yiech Pur Biel and swimmer Rami Anis receive Christmas presents for refugees and share tales of struggle and triumph.

23 Dec 2016

Solidarity and friendship on display in Vienna at 'No Stranger Place' exhibition

UNHCR photo series that profiled refugees and their hosts across Europe goes on display at central Vienna train station.

22 Dec 2016

UNHCR pledges aid to thousands displaced in Lake Chad Basin

Wrapping up a 10-day visit to Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria, Filippo Grandi vows to assist 460,000 people displaced by insurgency.

21 Dec 2016

Q&A: Yemenis face a 'struggle for survival'

UNHCR's country representative, Ayman Gharaibeh, warns war is tearing the fabric of Yemen apart and creating a humanitarian catastrophe.

20 Dec 2016

Syrian centenarian dreams of European reunion with family

Great-grandmother Eida Karmi doubted she would see her family again after they fled their homeland. Now in Greece, she is determined to join them.

19 Dec 2016