UNHCR warns funding cuts threaten aid to Syrian refugees, hosts

As a major international conference on Syria gets underway in Brussels, vital assistance for millions of refugees and the communities hosting them could face substantial cuts.

4 Apr 2017

UN chief urges greater solidarity with Mosul displaced

On a visit to Hasansham camp in northern Iraq, Secretary-General António Guterres says the international community needs to step up its response.

31 Mar 2017

Barbara Hendricks calls for collective response to refugee crisis

UNHCR Honorary Lifetime Goodwill Ambassador Barbara Hendricks has urged the European Union to remember its founding values.

30 Mar 2017

UN chief says aid for Syrian refugees is in global interest

On visit to Jordan, Secretary General António Guterres warns that failure to address Syria crisis risks playing into hands of extremist groups.

28 Mar 2017

Hungry and desperate, thousands of Somalis trek to Ethiopia

Menaced by Al Shabab militants and a worsening drought, thousands of Somalis are abandoning the land to seek refuge in neighbouring Ethiopia.

25 Mar 2017

UNHCR brings relief to desperate Yemenis displaced by war

Vital aid deliveries reach thousands in embattled coastal district of Mokha, where many live out of doors without adequate water or sanitation.

24 Mar 2017

UNHCR warns Mosul situation deteriorating as fighting rages

Around 400,000 people thought to be trapped in the Old City lack food, clean water and fuel to keep themselves warm.

23 Mar 2017

UNHCR seeks equal treatment for all Rohingya in Bangladesh

A small proportion who fled violence decades ago are considered refugees, while many recent arrivals remain undocumented and miss out on vital aid.

20 Mar 2017

Refugee crisis in South Sudan now world's fastest growing

Uganda and regional states are overwhelmed and in critical need of help.

17 Mar 2017