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News and Views
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Getting the Message Out

Use of media, traditional and new, is vital for UNHCR in raising awareness, telling the story and getting our message out. The refugee agency provides a wide range of information about its activities, including regular news conferences, daily news stories on the homepage of this website, press releases, a photo service and video material shot in some of the world's most remote locations. A network of public information officers, supported by other staff, sends material to UNHCR's Communications Group for processing and dissemination. Timely and regular reports on our work and the people of concern to us play a vital role in keeping our staff, the public and donors informed - maintaining a high public profile is essential for an organization like UNHCR, which relies on the generosity of others for funding.


UNHCR public information officers keep the displaced in the public eye with daily stories.

The Human Story

Displacement is hard to imagine if you've never suffered it. Those who have, speak out.

Photo Galleries

UNHCR has a collection of more than 250,000 photos. View some of the best of them here.

Video Galleries

UNHCR regularly sends out video crews to document our operations around the world.




UNHCR Media Contacts

Vital data for professionals, including information on contacts, press briefings and conferences.