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Aqeela Asifi is the 2015 winner of UNHCR's Nansen Refugee Award, […]
©UNHCR/S. Rich

UNHCR's Nansen Refugee Award 2015

Added: 17 Sep 2015

Aqeela Asifi, an Afghan refugee living in Pakistan, has been named the 2015 winner of UNHCR's Nansen Refugee Award. Asifi has dedicated her adult life to educating refugee girls. Despite minimal resources and significant cultural challenges, hundreds of girls have now passed through her school, equipped […]
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At sunset a group of mostly Syrian refugees arrive on the Greek […]

Arriving in Europe, refugees find chaos as well as kindness

Added: 14 Sep 2015

Each day, thousands of refugees and migrants are risking everything to make the perilous journey to Europe. The majority - who come from war-torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan - are passing through Greece and then making their way to Germany. Transit countries have been overwhelmed by the influx, but volunteers […]
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Yacine, a 22-year old asylum seeker from Sudan washes tea cups […]

Life in Calais' Jungle

Added: 13 Aug 2015

An estimated 3,000 refugees and migrants live in Calais on the northern coast of France. Most fled conflict, violence or persecution in Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Syria and need international protection. The situation in Calais has highlighted the need for greater responsibility and coordination […]
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Walid Sheikhmouss Hussein lives in Beirut with his wife Halima […]
©UNHCR/J. Matas

Stateless in Beirut

Added: 07 Aug 2015

Since Lebanon was established as a country in the 1920s there has been a long-standing stateless population in the country. There are three main causes for this: the exclusion of certain persons from the latest national census of 1932; legal gaps which deny nationality to some group of individuals; […]
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A child fleeing war in Syria is lifted over a border fence at […]

Thousands of desperate Syrian refugees seek safety in Turkey after outbreak of fresh fighting

Added: 17 Jun 2015

Renewed fighting in northern Syria since June 3 has sent a further 23,135 refugees fleeing across the border into Turkey's southern Sanliurfa province. Some 70 per cent of these are women and children, according to information received by UNHCR this week. Most of the new arrivals are Syrians escaping […]
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