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Mahdhar, aged 30, walks past a destroyed youth and sports centre […]

Yemeni Province Starts Rebuilding as 100,000 Displaced Return

Added: 26 Feb 2013

Life is slowly returning to normal in urban and rural areas of the southern Yemeni province of Abyan, where fighting between government forces and rebels caused major population displacements in 2011 and 2012. But since last July, as hostilities subsided and security began to improve, more than 100,000 […]
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A Syrian refugee boys stands in front of a blackboard while attending […]

Keeping Occupied in Turkey's Adiyaman camp for Syrian Refugees

Added: 20 Feb 2013

Since the conflict in Syria erupted in April 2011, the government of neighbouring Turkey has established 17 camps in eight provinces to provide safety and shelter to tens of thousands of refugees - three-quarters of them women and children. The camps, including Adiyaman depicted here, provide a place […]
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Buses from northern Mali arrive at night in Bamako, after numerous […]

Enormous Challenges Faced by Mali's Urban Displaced

Added: 19 Feb 2013

Over the past year, the conflict in northern Mali has forced more than 228,000 people to seek refuge in other parts of the country - including some 51,000 who have fled to Bamako, the capital. Without the support networks and other resources they left behind, internally displaced Malians face enormous […]
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Aicha, 28, waits with her four-year-old son to take the boat […]

Mali: Caution prevails as displaced families contemplate return home

Added: 12 Feb 2013

While the situation in the north of Mali remains volatile, some displaced families have decided to return to their homes. After using public transportation to reach Mopti, they set off by boat on a two-day journey in order to reach Timbuktu. The majority of those displaced say they will wait to see how […]
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The UNHCR convoy, which carried 200 tonnes of  aid comprising […]

UNHCR humanitarian aid convoy reaches IDPs in Syria

Added: 08 Feb 2013

The UN refugee agency at the end of January completed a first delivery of winter emergency relief to the Azzas area of northern Syria, where thousands of internally displaced people are living in makeshift camps, as well as to the Kerama camp. An eight-truck convoy transported 2,000 tents and 15,000 […]
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