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Karenni refugees from Myanmar in Ban Mae Nai Soi camp, Thai […]

International Women's Day 2013

Added: 08 Mar 2013

Gender equality remains a distant goal for many women and girls around the world, particularly those who are forcibly displaced or stateless. Multiple forms of discrimination hamper their enjoyment of basic rights: sexual and gender-based violence persists in brutal forms, girls and women struggle to […]
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Iman, 25, with her son Ahmed and daughter Aishia, in Nizip refugee […]

The Most Important Thing: Syrian Refugees

Added: 07 Mar 2013

What would you bring with you if you had to flee your home and escape to another country? More than 1 million Syrians have been forced to ponder this question before making the dangerous flight to neighbouring Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq or other countries in the region. This is the second part of […]
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Dr. Hassan passes a prescription to a patient in the MSF clinic […]

A Day with the Doctor: A Syrian Refugee Treats Refugees in Iraq

Added: 05 Mar 2013

Hassan is a qualified surgeon, but by a twist of fate he now finds himself specializing in the treatment of refugees. In 2006, as conflict raged in Iraq, he spent 10 weeks treating hundreds of ill and injured Iraqis at a refugee camp in eastern Syria. Six years later his own world turned upside down. […]
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Mahdhar, aged 30, walks past a destroyed youth and sports centre […]

Yemeni Province Starts Rebuilding as 100,000 Displaced Return

Added: 26 Feb 2013

Life is slowly returning to normal in urban and rural areas of the southern Yemeni province of Abyan, where fighting between government forces and rebels caused major population displacements in 2011 and 2012. But since last July, as hostilities subsided and security began to improve, more than 100,000 […]
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A Syrian refugee boys stands in front of a blackboard while attending […]

Keeping Occupied in Turkey's Adiyaman camp for Syrian Refugees

Added: 20 Feb 2013

Since the conflict in Syria erupted in April 2011, the government of neighbouring Turkey has established 17 camps in eight provinces to provide safety and shelter to tens of thousands of refugees - three-quarters of them women and children. The camps, including Adiyaman depicted here, provide a place […]
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