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The new Choucha transit camp near the Tunisian town Ras Adjir, […]

Tunisia's tented transit camp

Added: 10 Mar 2011

A new camp full of UNHCR tents, has sprung up close to Tunisia's border with Libya to provide shelter to thousands of migrant workers desperate to get hope. The UNHCR-run facility is already full, with 15,000 people from around Africa and Asia who have fled from Libya. Most of the new arrivals are penniless […]
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Stranded migrant workers wait in the no man's land between Libya […]

Stuck at the Egyptian border

Added: 08 Mar 2011

Some three weeks after the Libyan displacement crisis erupted in mid-February, thousands of people were still stuck at the border between Libya and Egypt waiting for onward travel to their home countries. Many have arrived exhausted at the Sallum crossing after travelling for days without adequate food […]
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People desperate to get home push onto a bus that will take them […]
©UNHCR/ A.Duclos

Going home

Added: 04 Mar 2011

During the past two weeks, UNHCR has worked with the Tunisian government, Tunisian Red Crescent and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to respond to the dramatic influx of over 90,000 people fleeing the violence in Libya. The majority are migrant workers from Egypt, Tunisia, Bangladesh, […]
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A family hurries away from the Abobo neighbourhood in search […]

Running for shelter in Côte d'Ivoire

Added: 04 Mar 2011

UNHCR has expressed its mounting concern about civilians trapped in the Abobo district of Cote d'Ivoire's commercial centre, Abidjan, following days of fierce fighting between forces loyal to rival presidential candidates. The situation there remains grim. Many of the 1.5 million inhabitants of Abobo […]
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Several thousand people in the no-man's land between Libya and […]

Crush at the Tunisian border

Added: 02 Mar 2011

At the Tunisia-Libya border, a heaving crush of thousands of people anxious to leave the insecurity of Libya gathered in no-man's land and on the Libyan side of the border on 2 March, 2011. Most were young men, principally migrant workers from Tunisia and Egypt. They were desperate to go home or find […]
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