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Syrian refugees move between shelters at an informal tented settlement […]

Surviving the Storm

Added: 09 Jan 2015

A fierce winter storm swept through the Middle East this week bringing icy temperatures, high winds and heavy snow. In Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, more than 400,000 refugees have been enduring freezing conditions since snow levels not seen in many years arrived. Refugee accommodation in the Bekaa ranges […]
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Three generations of the Deng family, including Ayuel, 43, his […]

Down Through the Generations, Conflict Forces Flight in South Sudan

Added: 30 Dec 2014

In what is now South Sudan, families have been fleeing fighting for generations since conflict first erupted there in 1955. The Sudan War ended in 1972, then flared up again in 1983 and dragged on for 22 years to the peace deal in 2005 that led to the south's independence from Sudan in 2011. But the […]
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A young Afghan man waits in an abandoned brick factory in Subotica, […]
©UNHCR/Kitty McKinsey

Life in the Shadows: People Smuggling at the European Union's Edge

Added: 24 Dec 2014

So far this year, nearly 200,000 people have entered the European Union (EU) through irregular routes - many undertaking life-threatening journeys across the Mediterranean. At the fringes of the EU recently, on either side of the border between Hungary and Serbia, several Afghans and Syrians explained […]
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Mazhar, 26, eats a meal provided by a local charity in Calais. […]

Cold, Uncomfortable and Hungry in Calais

Added: 15 Dec 2014

For years, migrants and asylum-seekers have flocked to the northern French port of Calais in hopes of crossing the short stretch of sea to find work and a better life in England. This hope drives many to endure squalid, miserable conditions in makeshift camps, lack of food and freezing temperatures. […]
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The Khawan family walks through their new hometown, Wächtersbach, […]
©UNHCR/G. Welters

Abdu finds his voice in Germany

Added: 09 Dec 2014

When bombs started raining down on Aleppo, Syria, in 2012, the Khawan family had to flee. According to Ahmad, the husband of Najwa and father of their two children, the town was in ruins within 24 hours. The family fled to Lebanon where they shared a small flat with Ahmad's two brothers and sisters […]
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