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Destruction in Htan Ta Bin village, Bogale township, Ayeyarwaddy […]
©UNHCR, May 2008

Cyclone Devastation in Myanmar

Added: 15 May 2008

On 2/3 May, Cyclone Nargis devastated Myanmar, killing thousands of people and leaving more than 1 million homeless. As a rapid initial response to the crisis, the UNHCR office in Yangon purchased US$50,000 of plastic sheeting and canned food for distribution to cyclone victims. Since then, the UN […]
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An empty house in Bemankouna village. Most of the inhabitants […]
©UNHCR/H.Caux, August 2007

Crisis in the Central African Republic

Added: 21 Feb 2008

Little has been reported about the humanitarian crisis in the northern part of the Central African Republic (CAR), where at least 295,000 people have been forced out of their homes since mid-2005. An estimated 197,000 are internally displaced, while 98,000 have fled to Chad, Cameroon or Sudan. They are […]
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Villagers in Darkhat, Baghlan province, enjoy a break before […]

The Reality of Return in Afghanistan

Added: 31 Jan 2008

Beyond the smiles of homecoming lie the harsh realities of return. With more than 5 million Afghans returning home since 2002, Afghanistan's absorption capacity is reaching saturation point. Landmine awareness training at UNHCR's encashment centres – their first stop after returning from decades […]
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Afghan returnees are rebuilding their lives in areas that saw […]
© UNHCR/M.Maguire

Home Without Land

Added: 31 Jan 2008

Land is hot property in mountainous Afghanistan, and the lack of it is a major reason Afghans in exile do not want to return. Although landless returnees are eligible for the Afghan government's land allocation scheme, demand far outstrips supply. By the end of 2007, the authorities were developing […]
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Women and children from a nearby camp for displaced people search […]
© UNHCR/A.Fazzina, 2007

Crossing the Gulf of Aden

Added: 12 Dec 2007

Every year thousands of people in the Horn of Africa - mainly Somalis and Ethiopians - leave their homes out of fear or pure despair, in search of safety or a better life. They make their way over dangerous Somali roads to Bossaso in the northern semi-autonomous region of Puntland. In this lawless […]
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