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For many, living without citizenship meant no access to education. […]
© UNHCR/G.M.B.Akash

Statelessness in Bangladesh: The Biharis

Added: 05 Dec 2006

Some 240,000 Urdu-speaking Biharis spent decades living in appalling conditions in squalid settlements in Bangladesh. They were not recognized as citizens and had little hope of a normal life. The plight of the Biharis, whose ancestors moved to Bangladesh from India following the 1947 partition of the […]
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Some 6,000 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar live in the makeshift […]
© UNHCR/G.M.B.Akash, June 2006

Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

Added: 27 Nov 2006

In 1991, some 250,000 refugees from Myanmar's Northern Rakhine state fled by boat and on foot to neighbouring Bangladesh, where they were sheltered in 20 camps in the Cox's Bazar district. While the majority of these refugees eventually returned home, some 20,500 people – mostly Rohingya, a Muslim […]
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Thousands of people fled attacks on their villages and gathered […]
© UNHCR/H.Caux

Internally Displaced in Chad

Added: 27 Nov 2006

In scenes of devastation similar to the carnage across the border in Darfur, some 20 villages in eastern Chad have been attacked, looted, burned and emptied by roving armed groups since 4 November. Hundreds of people have been killed, many more wounded and at least 15,000 displaced from their homes. […]
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UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Osvaldo Laport is one of Argentina's […]

Osvaldo Laport

Added: 09 Oct 2006

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UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador George Dalaras and Afro-American jazz […]
© G.Velissaridis, June 2001

George Dalaras

Added: 02 Oct 2006

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