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Nasrol will be among the first to receive one of hundreds of […]
© UNHCR/J.Perugia

One Year On: Rebuilding Aceh

Added: 14 Dec 2005

In the aftermath of the devastating 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, UNHCR mounted a massive relief operation for some 100,000 survivors on the severely battered west coast of Indonesia's Aceh province. After the initial three-month emergency relief phase was over, UNHCR withdrew from Aceh. However, […]
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Nine-year old Khalida with her mother and baby brother in their […]
© UNHCR/H.J.Davies, June 2005

Tsunami Aftermath in Sri Lanka

Added: 06 Dec 2005

Shortly after the tsunami hit Sri Lanka, killing over 30,000 people and displacing nearly 800,000, UNHCR was asked to take a lead role in providing transitional shelter – bridging the gap between emergency tents and the construction of permanent homes. The refugee agency is not normally involved […]
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A British Chinook helicopter takes UNHCR relief items to the […]

Pakistan Earthquake: Major push to Bring in Aid before Winter

Added: 24 Nov 2005

With the snow line dropping daily, the race to get relief supplies into remote mountain areas of Pakistani-administered Kashmir intensifies. In a major push to bring aid to the people in the Leepa Valley, heavy-lift Chinook helicopters from the British Royal Air force airlifted in 240 tonnes of UNHCR […]
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A refugee washes her clothes in a river.

Bonga Camp, Ethiopia

Added: 23 Nov 2005

Bonga camp is located in the troubled Gambella region of western Ethiopia. But it remains untouched by the ethnic conflicts that have torn nearby Gambella town and Fugnido camp in the last year. For Bonga's 17,000 Sudanese refugees, life goes on despite rumblings in the region. Refugee children continue […]
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Destruction in Gurunagar, near Jaffna town, where most of the […]

Sri Lanka: IDPs and Returnees

Added: 23 Nov 2005

During Sri Lanka's 20-year civil war more than 1 million people were uprooted from their homes or forced to flee, often repeatedly. Many found shelter in UNHCR-supported Open Relief Centers, in government welfare centers or with relatives and friends. In February 2002, the Sri Lankan government and […]
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