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Financial Updates

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UNHCR provides regular updates on its financial situation for donors, a range of different agencies, non-governmental organizations and other interested parties. Every month the latest information on funding requirements for all programmes and contributions received are updated and made available. This information allows members of the UNHCR Executive Committee and donors to have a snapshot of the financial situation of the organization at a given time and identify which operations might be in particular need of additional funds.




Top Donors

2015: Top 10 government donors *
Donor USD
* As at 23 June 2015

Source: 2015 Contributions to UNHCR Programmes

USA 992,866,712
Japan 167,350,535
Kuwait 121,890,000
European Union 119,817,024
Sweden 104,776,951
Norway 71,763,243
Denmark 66,107,738
Canada 63,991,388
Netherlands 55,020,998
United Kingdom 53,609,944