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The Power of Printing and Photography

Publications are an important way for UNHCR to spread awareness about refugees and other people of concern and to report on the agency's operations on a global and local level. The agency no longer has a dedicated publications unit in Geneva, but a graphic designer and the photo unit work in headquarters on a range of projects with different departments. We publish a wide range of materials for diverse audiences, ranging from basic documents such as the 1951 Refugee Convention to refugee and international law reports and research and evaluation papers. The agency's worldwide operations are covered in the two flagship annual publications - The Global Appeal and Global Report. Many Geneva-based divisions produce their own publications. The Department of International Protection Services, for example, has published several handbooks and other legal publications. Regional and branch offices also distribute print materials produced locally and tailored to a local or regional audience.




The State of the World's Refugees

These six editions of UNHCR's The State of the World's Refugees provide detailed, in-depth analysis of the plight of the world's millions of displaced people. The authors examine the major crises and challenges faced by UNHCR for over fifty years.

The Right to Asylum between Islamic Shari'ah and International Refugee Law

Islamic generosity: A new study shows the influence of Islam's 1,400-year-old tradition of generosity toward people fleeing persecution on modern-day international refugee law.
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