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ExCom Structure and Meetings

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The Executive Committee's Structure and Meetings

Each year, UNHCR holds one Executive Committee (ExCom) plenary session. ExCom's subsidiary body, the Standing Committee, usually meets three times a year. In additi on, informal consultative meetings of the Standing Committee are held throughout the year. There are also informal preparatory consultations for Excom members to prepare conclusions on international protection and decisions for the plenary session.


At its annual session, ExCom reviews the work of the Standing Committee of the preceding year and establishes its programme of work for the next 12 months. It examines UNHCR's financial requirements for the coming year and approves the annual programme target. ExCom also adopts conclusions, notably on international protection, as well as decisions on a range of administrative, financial and procedural issues.

Informal Preparatory Consultations

Conclusions and decisions to be presented to the ExCom plenary for adoption are prepared in a series of informal preparatory consultations chaired by the Executive Committee rapporteur. These meetings are open to members only, although new arrangements have been put in place to allow non-state observers to comment on issues which are under consideration.

Standing Committee

In October 1995, ExCom established a Standing Committee to replace sub-committees on international protection and on administrative and financial matters. The chairing of the Standing Committee is shared by the ExCom chairperson and the vice-chairperson. The Standing Committee is scheduled to meet three times a year.

At its periodic meetings, it examines thematic issues included by the plenary in its programme of work; reviews UNHCR's activities and programmes in the different regions (as well as its global programmes); adopts decisions and conclusions, as it deems appropriate, on issues included by the plenary in its programme of work; and discusses other issues that it deems of concern.

Informal Consultative Meetings of the Standing Committee

The ExCom chairperson may call for informal consultative meetings on topics requiring in-depth discussion. Consultations, involving ExCom members and Standing Committee observers, have in recent years covered topics such as management and organizational reform; international protection; UNHCR's budget structure; the agency's role in operations for internally displaced people; UNHCR's strategy in supporting the return and reintegration of displaced populations; and the programme budget for the coming year.




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