Other IOC Initiatives: Education


Education plays a crucial role in refugee camps, not only as an instrument to build and sustain society, but as a way to prevent idleness, reduce frustration and create a sense of normalcy among the community.

In fulfilling this task, UNHCR and IOC are dedicated to strengthening and building the capacity of the community, supporting the possibilities of a stronger sense of self-reliance. While the challenges are formidable, we see great hope and promise in the community, as well as our partners, in fulfilling this vital task.

The IOC has contributed to this task by building schools in Dadaab, Kenya, and Chad.

Refugees and Education

For UNHCR, education is a basic refugee right, one that is vital in restoring hope and dignity to people driven from their homes, a tool to help them get back on their feet and build a better future. More on our special pages.