Benefits of Partnering with UNHCR

Refugees are of concern to all - governments, businesses and individuals. War, persecution and conflict affect everyone, even if you have not been directly touched. The negative impact on markets is known. Thriving, safe and viable communities provide the basis on which businesses flourish both locally and globally.

The business community can benefit from helping those who have fallen victim to displacement by supporting UNHCR in making the world a more stable place.

Business has a vested interest in contributing to lasting solutions for refugees.


Leading humanitarian organisation: a global, hands-on agency, UNHCR is twice winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Direct Impact: Percentage of staff working in the field: 85 percent

Reach: operating in more than 120 countries, UNHCR protects and assists the most vulnerable persons in the world.

Solution oriented: Today, UNHCR continues to help 36.4 million persons.

Corporations benefit from supporting UNHCR by:

  • Generating goodwill towards the company in national and international contexts.
  • Demonstrating values through action and gaining a reputation for good corporate citizenship.
  • Influencing investors or customers who favour socially responsible companies.
  • Retaining talented employees who increasingly consider the ethical and social standpoint of their employers.
  • Fostering stable markets and political conditions conducive to business, and harnessing a skilled labour force from rehabilitated local areas. Support for UNHCR is good for building global markets.
  • Involvement in humanitarian programmes in existing or future markets brings with it increased knowledge of local environments.
  • Recognition and visibility of corporate partnership with UNHCR are mutually determined and commensurate with the level of support.

UNHCR Corporate Guidelines

UNHCR Corporate Code of Conduct

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